Ready for Change?

If you are one of those displaced by, laid-off because of, in transition due to this recession, no doubt you’ve considered ….

Is it Time for Change? Did you want to change? Were you ready for change? Are you ready now? Do you like change?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about change. It seems that when people run out of excuses for failures, they look for change and embrace it as the way to salvation. Must you destroy the road you came down so that you only have the road ahead? Is change a one-way trip? I can understand how religions might proffer this philosophy, and indeed would thrive on it because their mandate is, by design, narrowly focused, but for a business, it foreshadows disaster.

In tough economic times, like these, when fear often trumps intellect, it’s easy to go into survival mode, business and personal, but that’s counter-intuitive, and counter-productive. But, can you tell that to someone who thinks that the way out of this mess is through change? We must of course, or we won’t emerge better for the lessons in front of us. Stop the insanity.

All too often, businesses will confuse progress with change. Actually, they just substitute the two, assuming they’re interchangeable and synonymous. But they’re really not. Companies in Def-Con 1 will aggressively take up the cause for change, any change. After all, anything has to be better than what’s happening now. But that call-to-arms presumes that what is happening now can be affected by change, drastic, sudden or otherwise. Managers, especially the inept ones, will run rampant making changes, just to show change. And what simpler more readily accessible tool is there for change then staff. It must have been their fault anyway, right? You did say that change was a good thing, didn’t you? If I make changes, am I not doing my job well? Simple relationship formula – Change is Good – I’m making Changes – therefore – I’m Good. That’s why they smile when they’re handing out pink slips.

Has that company made any progress? Has that company eased the burden of this recession? Has that company moved itself forward or positioned itself for the aftermath of this debacle? Or has that company simply hunkered down, hiding in the storm shelter until the weather clears, and hoping that the house will still be standing and people outside will remember them. Certainly, that’s not progress.

Progress is very much a round trip on a two-way street. Progress is about utilizing the lessons and capitalizing on the successes of the past. Getting rid of staff for the sake of change is not progress. Enable your staff, guide them and work with them, in and toward a better direction. The same tactics that made you successful in the past will likely make you successful in the future. You don’t have to change the formula. There are new tools, new venues, new media, and new ideas that will change it for you, so long as you stay alert, stay open, and stay in the game.

I don’t like change, but I love learning. And through learning I seem to constantly change. Slowly perhaps … but I’m making progress.


Follow This!

Heed this warning … if you’re not on Twitter, trust that your competition is.

There is no way you can be involved in Social Media, in the midst of a Social Media revolution, on a Social Media website, and not talk about Twitter. So, let’s talk!

At this juncture, unless you are a cave dweller, you know of Twitter, but do you know how powerful a tool it can be, or should become, or might be, or is supposed to be? You get the idea, and that’s likely the biggest problem facing Twitter and the tweeting public – nobody knows yet what it will evolve into or how effective it will be. However, the numbers are undeniable. Twitter is growing faster than any Social Media before it and should eclipse even Facebook in short term. Google offered to buy Twitter for $500,000,000. (That’s half a billion bucks), but were turned down despite the fact that Twitter has yet to return a nickel in profit. Even Twitter doesn’t yet know what to do with Twitter!

So, why should you be on it? And if you are, I’d like to hear about how you are using it and why you are on it, but for now, let me give you my version…………

Because it’s free! Because like Chicken Soup, it can’t hurt! If someone discovers a mine with what could be an abundance of gold or a mountain of fool’s gold, and they offer you a share in that mine for free, why on earth would you not accept it? Better still, if you could go back in time, and grab hold of a few free shares of Google at its inception, would ya take it? Damn right!!

Ok, so now you know, you MUST establish an account on Twitter, NOW! Go ahead, do it now, I’ll wait for you to come back here.

There, don’t you feel better? You should. Or more importantly, you will when you realize the potential marketing power of Twitter, learning about Ashton Kutcher’s personal hygiene notwithstanding.

First, dismiss any stories, articles, incessant emails and spam you keep seeing about people making their fortune on Twitter. If you believe them, let’s discuss the bridge I have for sale. Further, forget about the blogs and editorials talking about what Twitter could be, might be, or should be. Again, even Twitter doesn’t know for sure. Let’s just discuss what Twitter is right now.

Twitter is a formidable search engine. Yes, that’s why Google wanted to buy them out of course. It is very possible that Twitter could replace Google as your source for information, especially local information. Okay, probably not, so let’s stay in the here and now. Right now, you have the capability of doing a search focused enough to find golfers in Coral Springs, Florida, or people interested in a mortgage in Jacksonville or those who lost their insurance in Sarasota. How? They’re tweeting about this stuff all the time. All you have to do is look for it, inject yourself into the conversation, engage, endear, and hopefully draw them to your website. No, of course it’s not simple, and perhaps it’s too early, but in the interim, it is easy to just gather followers and follow others so you at least amass you own little database. These are not just leads, these are leads that prequalify themselves, that are obviously eager to engage, and should be receptive ……. that’s where the story ends. How well you do with Social Media, and how good you are at establishing your Social Equity will have a direct correlation to how effective Twitter is. But hey, that’s the future. For today, you just need to be there.

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