Scare ’em into Green?

The evidence regarding global warming has been sketchy and disputed for years. On the other hand, Mt. St Helens showed us the potential, on a micro level, if you will, of the potential of and for greenhouse effect. Whether or not we are actually approaching doomsday, the fact is our resources are finite, and we must move toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

What of the children?  Are we teaching them to be fluent in green, or are they just mini me’s who will follow eagerly in our muddy footsteps?

We haven’t a clue where to start, do we?  We’ve been taught to be wasteful, so it’s not our fault.

To be candid, it doesn’t look like we want to change.  It appears we just don’t give a damn.  Or perhaps we just need a good scare to get the blood flowing.

Yes, if keeping people on the edge of their seats is the only way to motivate them, I think I too would fudge the numbers.


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