Just another perspective.

It’s hardly exciting to hear news stories about everyday families that are still plodding along.  So for the most part, the media ignores them.

Those not directly impacted are in many other ways touched by this recession.  Surely they feel the pressure all around them.  It’s a perspective that doesn’t get much play, but without question it will have a profound impact on the aftermath of this insanity ……….. but I wonder how?

Those looking up from the bottom of this pit, hoping for a glimpse of sunlight, will surely take some hard learned lessons to heart, and for at least as long as the scars take to heal.  And who knows how long that will be?

For the majority, still gainfully employed, will this recession be no more than a passing cloud? Will the lessons to be learned, only be heeded by those who were hurt?  Will we quickly fall back into the same patterns and habits that led to this disaster?

I hope our collective conscience can somehow reconcile with our inherent greed and overactive egos.  As one prophet put it, you can’t always get what we want, but if you try, sometimes you might find, you get what you need.


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